Version 4.5.4

October 13, 2021

Human Subject application (HUM)

A text change has been made to the Interaction with Study Subject Participants question released on September 20, 2021. Release note 4.5.3 includes additional information about that change.

  • Because some research staff are incorrectly being indicated as having interaction with minors, the question has been updated to ask specifically about interaction with minors. 
  • If an original application or amendment indicates minors are Not part of the study population, and the state of the application is other than Pre-submission, previous answers of “Yes” have been changed to “No” by ITS staff.
  • If the original application or amendment is in the state of Pre-submission, no previous answers have been changed. If appropriate, the PI or study staff with edit rights can change existing answers.
    • To access this question, navigate to application question 1.3, then select the study team member’s name. A window will open with that study team member’s specifics. The answer can be changed here and must be saved prior to closing the window.