Version 4.5.2

August 14, 2021

IBC Application

The IBC Application now displays which infectious agents or biological toxins have Export Control requirements: 

  • A new Export Control category, ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations), has been added. Information displays will now indicate if the Export Controlled substance falls under ITAR or EAR (Export Administration Regulations).
  • When an application includes Export Controlled substances, notices will be sent to the PI/Lab Personnel to notify them of the heightened regulatory procedures and the UMOR Export Control group for awareness that an application has indicated an Export Controlled substance.
  • The Cloned or Targeted Gene questions relating to infectious agents and biological toxins have been updated to more clearly identify impacted substances.
  • Various IBC application views including the Types of Work, In-progress Summary, Approved Application Summary, and application views will display Export Control information.

Other IBC Application changes include:

  • A new question to indicate if the IBC application is for a Managed Research Core Laboratory.
  • An option to select “rDNA/SNA not in a vector” has been added to Section 3 - Vectors Used in Your Research.
  • Removal of the DNA/RNA fragments question on the animal species detail questions.
  • Updates to NIH reference links.
  • Updates to Approval and Expiration notifications.
  • Updates to the EHS summary report to include Covid question information.

IRB Application

For IRB Staff

  • Going forward, links to the smartform page in an amendment audit trail will open the applicable page.
  • HUMs with a large number of site applications will no longer timeout when the Manage Documents activity is used.