October 26, 2020

eResearch Regulatory Management (eRRM) was updated on October 26, 2020 to version System changes in this release include the following:

Core IRB Staff and Committee Members

Meeting Management

Additional improvements have been made to the meeting functionality in eRRM.  Phase 2 includes:

  • Added the ability to schedule multiple meetings at a time with a new Bulk Meeting Scheduler activity.
  • Added an "Agenda Order" column to the Meeting Workspace and removed unnecessary links to the Meeting agenda.
  • Updated Agenda Template:
    • Added the ability to specify a custom sort order to the meeting's agenda items using the Set Agenda Order activity. See the step-by-step guide for details.
    • Changes to the IRB Meeting Agenda Template and corrected an error that removed carriage returns from fields in the agenda. 
  • Changes to the Manage Meeting Documents activity to align with the changes made to Meeting Agendas.


Changes to the IBC Meeting Agenda Template including:

  • Changes to the template layout
  • Addition of applications Approved under the expedited review process
  • Addition of "Related Project(s)" and "Supporting Documents" columns to the discussion items


  • Changes and updates to the PRC Meeting Agenda Template
  • PRC reviewer checklist items 12-15 will now display if "Treatment", “Supportive Care”, or “Prevention” is selected in Q1-6.2.1.