Version 4.4.9

September 14, 2020

eResearch Regulatory Management (eRRM) was updated on September 14, 2020 to version 4.4.9. System changes in this release include the following:


  • Added the ability to View Terminated applications from the application workspace to make it easier to review. 
  • Revised Conflict of Interest questions asked of Study Team Members when accepting their role on a study to align with M-Inform.
  • Enhanced color contrast on the Forms menu to improve accessibility.


Fixed an issue preventing the creation of Continuing Reviews on Multi-site Applications where a document was not uploaded on question 3-1.2 of the HUM.

Core IRB Staff and Committee Members

Meeting Management

Multiple improvements have been made to the meeting functionality in eRRM. Additional improvements are in development. Phase 1 includes:

  • Added ability for Committee Members to Accept or Decline attendance to meetings from the "Upcoming Meetings" section of the Committee Workspace.
  • Added a new Reopen Meeting activity for Core Committee Staff to use to re-open a meeting that has been concluded for administrative purposes.
  • The Add Approved Meeting Minutes activity now displays on the History tab.
  • Direct links to the Confirm/Decline attendance activities are now included on email templates.
  • Removed the "Type" and "Meeting Notes" fields from Discussion Items, and added ability to relate projects to a discussion item.
  • Time of vote is no longer a required field in the Record Committee Decision activity.
  • Hid the deactivated Add button that was showing in the Update Meeting History activity window.

SMR and Expedited Application Reports

  • A count of the total number of submissions in the report table has been added to the header of each report.
  • "Final Outcome Date" and "Expiration Date" columns have been removed from all report tables.
  • Participating Site Applications matching the search have been added to the reports.


Updated rules that determine when the "MIAP Review Complete" workspace message displays.

COI and CRAO Ancillary Committees

  • COI and CRAO Ancillary Committee Members can advance a submission to the next required reviewer prior to their review via the Advance for IRB Review activity.
  • Updated the Ancillary Committee workspace so that submissions that are Advanced for IRB review will be removed from the Inbox and Urgent Amendment listers.