Support for Windows 8.1 on Surface Pro 3 Tablets Available

This information was emailed on April 14, 2015, to members of [email protected].

Support for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets is available to units subscribing to MiWorkspace as of April 13, 2015. The new support option extends MiWorkspace’s features to the tablet, including managed software and security updates, easy print setup, and support.

Initially, the MiWorkspace standard software will be available on Surface Pro 3s, including Microsoft Office and other basic productivity applications. Additional software will be evaluated for compatibility upon request.

Units interested in purchasing Surface Pro 3 tablets should follow their usual procurement processes. The tablet, the required ethernet adapter, and USB hub are available as a special order. Interested units currently using Surface Pro 3 tablets should contact the ITS Service Center. We will help your unit decide if moving support for the tablets to MiWorkspace will fit your business needs.