Updated Project/Grant Financial Reports in M-Reports


The monthly accounting cycle is now closed and all allocations have been updated in your Project/Grant reports in M-Reports.

To view the current financial status for your project/grants, access M-Reports at https://mreports.umich.edu (login required).

Once you are signed into M-Reports, click the appropriate tab(s), as follows, to view your reports:

  • If you are responsible for both sponsored research and non-sponsored projects, click the Research tab and toggle between the Sponsored P/G, UM-Funded/Gifts/Other P/Gs or Consolidated Summary of Projects sub-tabs, as needed.
  • If you are responsible for only UM-Funded, Gift, or Other projects, click the Fin. Mgmt. tab.

M-Reports provides:

  • Official balances, as of April 2021 business close.
  • Projected balances, recalculated daily to reflect recent activity and upcoming commitments (e.g., salary, financial aid, purchasing, departmental).
  • Links to underlying transaction details.



This message is sent monthly to M-Reports users who are assigned the "Financial Manager-Project/Grant Reports" role. To add or remove this role, speak to your unit’s financial unit liaison. A list of liaisons is available online.