Administrative Data Environments

Online Transaction Processing Databases (OLTP)

Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) Databases, where all data entry is performed, are also known as the "production" or "operational" databases.

U-M Data Warehouse

The U-M Data Warehouse is a collection of data organized in data sets to support reporting activity for university business. The U-M Data Warehouse includes data extracted from OLTP systems, Legacy systems, and other central data sources.

Relationship Between OLTP Databases and U-M Data Warehouse

  Online Transaction Processing System (OLTP) U-M Data Warehouse
Primary Use Supports critical University business processes via predefined, user-requested reports with real-time transaction processing in all data areas Primary repository for ad hoc inquiry and reporting
Data Offers real-time transaction processing in all data areas Read-only, reformatted data for all data areas simplifies data structures and optimizes data accessibility
Refresh Schedule Always current Refresh schedule varies by data set
How to Access From PeopleSoft via Wolverine Access, except for DAC System, which is accessed via CICS From BusinessObjects via Wolverine Access

Training & Access

To learn the training and access requirements for administrative data resources, see the Online Access Request System (OARS).