DISC Services

  • ETL (Extract Transform Load)
    We provide ETL services to create enterprise wide reporting and analysis datasets in our Data Warehouse. The datasets are accessed using many different reporting and analysis tools. ETL processes are used to batch load data from enterprise systems such as Financials, Student Records, Payroll, eResearch, and DART. Our team ensures the data is accurate and available using several ETL tools, including Informatica, SQL Server Integration Services and SQL Server Analysis Services. As systems are upgraded or changed, we have an important role in ensuring information integrity. We offer consultation services using tools, insuring data consistency and migrating data between software systems on a one time basis.
  • Data Integration Services
    We support API (Application Program Interface) development platforms for real time consumption of data in a securely managed environment. DISC administers the API Directory and offers assistance with creation of new APIs. We are working with the medical campus and MCIT to implement the new IBM API Manager tool. We also support custom integrations to customers, such as providing the bridge between Common App and the Document Imaging System. This enables them to convert, combine, store and view student applications integrated into their existing workflow. Another example is providing integration between College of Engineering Flux Services with reporting and billing applications.
  • M-Reports
    We provide business analytics applications to diverse customer base including eResearch, Financial, Schools and Colleges and ITS Internal. This gives university management and research leaders an accessible, easy-to-use, web-based reporting tool that facilitates efficient analysis of financial, student, human resources data and more to foster data-driven decisions. M-Reports delivers the management reports you need in a customizable user interface.
  • BusinessObjects
    DISC Coordinates BusinessObjects system administration, build and maintain universes, as well as answer customer questions.
  • Tableau
    We support Tableau by overseeing system administration, training and customer assistance.
  • Denodo at U-M
    Denodo at U-M is a data virtualization and data integration platform in use at the University of Michigan.
  • Data Architecture
    We deliver data models, Data Fit-gap Analysis and Design, Reverse Engineer Physical Database.

Data Concierge

Data Concierge is a service provided by ITS to help facilitate, track, route, and communicate on projects related to administrative and learning management data projects. If you need assistance with anything data-related on campus, the Data Concierge can help!

Requests submitted through this service will be captured and managed via an efficient and transparent process providing you:

  • A central point of coordination
  • Consistent authorization checks and data steward approvals
  • Timely updates on request status and progress

If you have a project, question, or need assistance with any data needs, please contact DISC.

Some Projects We Support

  • Student Explorer integration with Canvas
    The University of Michigan began piloting Canvas as a replacement Learning Management System for CTools in September 2014. The DISC team integrated Canvas into the existing LMS data flows without any interruption to the analytics data. The existing data set is critical to Student Explorer, an early warning system used by advisers in LSA and other units and an early example of learning analytics work manifesting itself as actionable intelligence. (Customer contacts are Kris Steinhoff & Rachel Neimer at DEI.)
  • LARC
    As learning analytics has matured at the University of Michigan, scholars have recognized the opportunities afforded by the availability of rich student data. The LARC (Learning Analytics Data ARChitecture) data set will aggregate nearly 300,000 student portraits in a format targeted for researchers. LARC will feature student records and admissions data, but also may grow to include other areas of interest, such as housing and instructor demographics.
  • Unizin
    DISC is representing the University of Michigan on multiple Unizin and Canvas analytics task forces and working groups, advocating for the university’s needs and contributing back to the community.
  • M-Pathways Financials & Physical Resources System upgrade to version 9.2
    DISC has participated on the ITS FIN Upgrade Project team for the duration of the project. We have partnered with the team to assess and implement necessary Data Warehouse modifications deemed necessary. The project included updates to both PeopleSoft and Oracle software systems, as well as a new hardware platform. Additional effort has been allocated to assess performance given the new operating environment.

Our Growth Areas

We are venturing into exciting new areas. In the coming months we plan to:

  • Work with stewards and subject matter experts to develop additional dashboards for U-M leadership.
  • Support library analytics, customer/constituent relationship management (CRM) analytics, and high-performance computing to build competence and add value in those areas.
  • Collaborate with Digital Education and Innovation and the ITS Teaching and Learning team to build a data virtualization platform that provides a single, logical view of all academic data.
  • Engage with business intelligence teams across U-M, including Michigan Medicine, to minimize redundancy.
  • Partner with our central finance leadership team to create a financial model for Tableau as a common good service.