DISC Services

  • Data Integration Services
    We support API (Application Program Interface) development platforms for real time consumption of data in a securely managed environment. DISC administers the API Directory and offers assistance with creation of new APIs. We are working with the medical campus and MCIT to implement the new IBM API Manager tool. We also support custom integrations to customers, such as providing the bridge between Common App and the Document Imaging System. This enables them to convert, combine, store and view student applications integrated into their existing workflow. Another example is providing integration between College of Engineering Flux Services with reporting and billing applications.
  • M-Reports
    We provide business analytics applications to a diverse customer base including eResearch, Financial, Schools and Colleges and ITS Internal. This gives university management and research leaders an accessible, easy-to-use, web-based reporting tool that facilitates efficient analysis of financial, student, human resources data and more to foster data-driven decisions. M-Reports delivers the management reports you need in a customizable user interface.
  • BusinessObjects
    DISC is responsible for system administration of BusinessObjects, building and maintaining its universes, and answering customer questions.
  • Tableau
    We support Tableau through training, customer assistance, and are responsible for its administration.
  • Denodo at U-M
    Denodo is a data virtualization and data integration platform that enables efficient, real-time data access to data systems across the university.

Data Concierge

Data Concierge is a service provided by ITS to help facilitate, track, route, and communicate on projects related to administrative and learning management data projects. If you need assistance with anything data-related on campus, the Data Concierge can help!

Requests submitted through this service will be captured and managed via an efficient and transparent process providing you:

  • A central point of coordination
  • Consistent authorization checks and data steward approvals
  • Timely updates on request status and progress

If you have a project, question, or need assistance with any data needs, please contact DISC.