Request MiDatabase

Specify the:

  • Database size
  • Amount of CPU and RAM
  • Indicate if assistance is needed with migrating an existing database.

Customers may choose between a shared or dedicated database instance. Data is always private and only available to the IDs specified. Running the database in a shared environment is a cost savings. Dedicated databases are provisioned on a dedicated virtual server for customer use. A dedicated instance is required for specialized configurations, large databases, heavy transaction loads, or sensitive data storage.

Requesting the Service for PHI (HIPAA)

A wide range of university units and non-Michigan Medicine research projects maintain, process, or store Personal Health Information (PHI) data regulated by HIPAA. ITS has put in place administrative, physical, and technical safeguards allowing some ITS services to be categorized as HIPAA-compliant. Information on which services may be used for HIPAA data can be found in the Sensitive Data Guide.

MiDatabase is approved for PHI data regulated by HIPAA.

Access Requests and Authorizations

The customer controls which individuals can access the database. Access requests will be managed using MCommunity. The admin group owner/membership information is specified when ordering the database.