Microsoft Azure at U-M FAQ

What resources are provisioned in my Azure account?

Your Azure account will have Azure Activity logs exported. These logs are retrieved by Splunk on campus. To start, your account will be assigned a 10.237.x.x /24 network that will be divided into one /25 subnet, one /26 subnet, two /28 subnets and one /28 Gateway subnet should you choose to add a customer VPN at any time.  Networks will be provisioned in the North Central US region (near Chicago). These initial settings will get you started on using the service and you may edit or remove any of these. Please be mindful that you are assigned a specific IP range, and this IP range is required if you are going to use a VPN.

If I request a new account, how long will it take to finish?

New accounts should be available within 1-2 business days.

Is there a charge to sign up for Microsoft Azure at U-M?

Up front, there is no cost to sign up prior to consuming Azure resources. The only cost is for the customer VPN. This charge is applied once the VPN is created, whether it is being used or not.

Are there any limitations to using consolidated billing?

Consolidated billing is only available to faculty and staff with subscriptions created under the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.

How can I give other users/groups different access in my account?

You can give permissions to specific portions of your environment through granular IAM permissions. Click the Azure resource you wish to modify, select Access control (IAM), and then click Add.  Select the Role and click Assign access to Azure AD user, group, or application. Enter the name of the user or group that should have access to the resource, and then click Save.

You should only give the access required for the user or group to perform their job. Learn more about Azure Access Control (IAM).
Can I provision resources in my account but charge a separate shortcode then the one used for my subscription?

You can do this for a number of Azure offerings. To bill a different Shortcode than on your subscription, simply create a tag with Name “Shortcode” and Value your Shortcode number. Tags are available for many Azure resources, and the process for tagging is the same for each Azure resource. Click on the resource you wish to tag, click Tags. Add the Name and Value fields, click Save.

What support contracts are provided with Microsoft Azure at U-M?

To submit a Microsoft support request, see the Support section.

What is covered by the enterprise agreement?

The enterprise agreement provides legal protections as well as a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) between the University of Michigan and Microsoft. Please keep in mind that only subscriptions created under the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and affiliated with Faculty and Staff are covered by the agreement.

Can students and alumni use Microsoft Azure at U-M?

Students and alumni can use a free Azure account provided by Microsoft. If using Azure for research, students and professors may be able to take advantage of research grants. However, students and alumni are not able to utilize the enterprise agreement, shortcode billing, or discounts. For more information about free Azure accounts, research grants, or Azure in Education please see the links below:

Can I have more than one resource group on my subscription?

Yes, you can create multiple resource groups within a subscription.

Is Azure HIPAA Compliant?

General use of Azure for HIPAA data is not permitted at this time. U-M ITS continues to work with Michigan Medicine Corporate Compliance, the U-M data steward and compliance owner for HIPAA data, to establish processes and practices for the appropriate collection, processing, storage, and maintenance of HIPAA data in the Cloud. Please contact the Azure Support Team if you have any questions regarding using Azure for HIPAA data.