Tableau Software


Tableau software is a powerful business intelligence, visualization, and analytics tool.

Licenses include Tableau Creator + Tableau Server connection.

  • Tableau Creator (the replacement for the Perpetual Desktop License which was discontinued in May of 2021) is a subscription based model that needs to be renewed every year. There are no maintenance fees associated with this product. Tableau Creator is¬†bundled with Tableau Prep Builder in a subscription license. Tableau Prep Builder is an additional software download. (Please note that the campus server does not have Tableau Prep Conductor, so Prep Builder workflows must all be run manually.)
  • Tableau Server lets license holders share data visualizations that can be viewed and, in some cases, manipulated by authorized users in the university community. Tableau Server is the best way to publish and share reports with other university users. Michigan Medicine users are encouraged to use HITS' Tableau Server while all others are to use the ITS Tableau Server.


U-M faculty, staff, and students.


Students can get a free one-year Tableau Student Desktop License.

Units can purchase Tableau licenses through the ITS Software Store.

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