Stata Software


Stata is an environment for manipulating and analyzing data using statistical and graphical methods. Stata is an integrated packageā€”not a collection of separate modules. You can intersperse data management, statistical and graphical commands.


U-M faculty, staff and students.


StataCorp offers both annual and perpetual licenses.

Students currently enrolled at degree-granting institutions may purchase a single-user Stata license.

UmichITAM faculty, staff, and students may receive this software at no cost on their university machines by contacting their local unit IT.

Licenses for personally owned devices or non-ITAM consortium members can beĀ purchased from the ITS Software Store.

Licenses obtained through the ITS Software Store and UmichITAM have an annual expiration on May 4th.

Additional Resources

Help with statistics using Stata, other than installation issues, is available from Consulting for Statistics, Computing & Analytics Research (CSCAR) by calling 764-STAT (734-764-7828) or sending an email to [email protected].

Consulting for Statistics, Computing & Analytics Research (CSCAR) provides free statistical consulting to all U-M faculty, staff, and graduate students with the design, planning, analysis, and presentation of research studies.

CSCAR also presents workshops on statistical methods, statistical software, qualitative data analysis, and geographic information systems. Fall, Winter, and Spring workshop offerings include SAS, SPSS, Stata, SEM, and Analysis with R.

Visit the CSCAR website for current offerings and additional information