SPSS Statistics Premium Software

Sept 21, 2023: ITS is tracking issues with running SPSS on macOS Sonoma (14.0). IBM SPSS 29 does not license.  

Update Oct 5, 2023: IBM working on an "Interim Fix"


SPSS Premium includes these SPSS modules:

  • Base, Advanced, Regression (the SPSS Standard package distributed in earlier license years)
  • Bootstrapping
  • Categories
  • Complex Samples
  • Conjoint
  • Custom Tables
  • Data Preparation
  • Decision Trees
  • Direct Marketing
  • Exact Tests
  • Forecasting
  • Missing Values
  • Neural Networks

Standalone products also included in this SPSS Premium license, but with separate installers are:

  • Amos
  • Sample Power
  • Visualization Designer


U-M faculty, staff, and students.

SPSS is licensed only for Teaching and Academic Research. Administrative use (the business of running the university) is not licensed at this time.


Additional Resources

Help with statistics using SPSS, other than installation issues, is available from Consulting for Statistics, Computing & Analytics Research (CSCAR) by calling 764-STAT (734-764-7828) or sending an email to [email protected].

Consulting for Statistics, Computing & Analytics Research (CSCAR) provides free statistical consulting to all U-M faculty, staff, and graduate students with the design, planning, analysis, and presentation of research studies.

CSCAR also presents workshops on statistical methods, statistical software, qualitative data analysis, and geographic information systems. Fall, Winter, and Spring workshop offerings include SAS, SPSS, Stata, SEM, and Analysis with R.

Visit the CSCAR website for current offerings and additional information.