Red Hat Satellite at U-M Hosting Model

Red Hat Satellite at U-M

  • Provide service that allows units to administer their servers.
  • Access to Red Hat software updates through Satellite.
  • Backups for disaster recovery events.
  • User management with automated access updates.
  • Security of Duo Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Robust 24/7 support and monitoring.

Shared Organization in Satellite

  • Access to Red Hat and common repositories used on campus.
  • Customized user roles (namespace).
    • Secure access to your unit’s servers.
    • Ability to assign roles based on MCommunity groups.

Enable administrators to:

  • Control what repositories to which their servers have access.
  • Manage custom activation keys.
  • Patch servers.
  • Manage content.
  • Perform host provisioning.