Email & Calendar

  • Google at U-M
    Email includes Contacts, Tasks, and Chat. Google Calendar provides an easy means of scheduling appointments, sharing and publishing calendars, and keeping your schedule at your fingertips—from your desk, your mobile device, or anywhere you have internet access.
  • Exchange
    The ITS Exchange Service provides a secure on-campus email and calendaring service appropriate for sensitive research data.
  • MCommunity Directory
    Find email addresses of U-M people and groups.
  • ITS Postmaster
    The ITS Postmaster team is responsible for identifying, diagnosing, and appropriately responding to problems related to the delivery of electronic mail received by or sent from members of the U-M community.

Other Campus Email Resources

Some U-M schools, colleges, departments, and units—such as the Health System—offer alternative email services to their faculty and staff, and sometimes to students as well. Check with your departmental administrator for more information.