Release 8.3

February 5, 2024


All Roles

  • Added a Uniqname column to all project listers, custom searches, and reports where a person (discloser, reviewer, etc.) is listed.
  • The Office of Research COI office added new language to Management Plan templates.
  • The login error page has more user friendly language for inactivated accounts.
  • Corrected a bug pertaining to a discrepancy in the display of a person's HR preferred name.

COI Staff and Committee Members

  • Updated the Private Review Information tab on Disclosure Certification workspaces to reflect the same States as those on the All Disclosure Certifications page. 
  • Added the Certification Type as a filterable column for enhanced functionality.
  • Added all International Engagement and Other Support Review questions to view on the Private Review Information tab.

COI Staff

Created a report to access the new Disclosure Certification, Administrative Review History for Other Support Certifications.