Release 8.1

September 25, 2023


All Roles

  • Reworded "PHS" headings and references on CARs, Sponsors, Persons, and Reports throughout the M-Inform system, to clarify new Department of Energy (DoE) guidelines for disclosures and COI Reviews.
    • Workspace messages and reports will indicate “Enhanced COI Review” or “Requires COI Review”, as applicable.

COI Staff and Committee Members

  • The Total Picture report on the Disclosure workspace - "Private Review Information" tab can now be accessed via a Tableau Total Picture button, similar to the old Total Picture Report. (The report is no longer embedded on the page.)

COI Staff


  • The M-Inform system will automatically move Research Certifications from "No Conflict Found" to "Open for Annual Review" when the CAR is opened.

    • A new activity is available to Record Annual Review, which includes the option to "Exclude from Annual Review" for future reviews.

  • ​CARs in the state of "Other Support Complete" are now automatically moved to "Closed" in instances where all the associated projects are in terminal states (i.e., turned down, withdrawn, cancelled, terminated, or closed).
  • A new Administratively Deactivated Disclosures activity provides the ability to inactivate disclosers that are no longer with U-M.


  • Modified existing column names on the "Disclosure Details Report" to include First Name and Last Name.

  • Added new and modified existing column names on the "All Disclosures" report to match those displayed on the "All Outside Interests" tab.