Plan for the VMware View Client Update on March 13

This information was emailed on March 10, 2015, to all faculty and staff who use the VMWare View Client on a MiWorkspace device.

On Friday, March 13, VMware View Client will be updated to the latest version of the software, VMware Horizon View Client. If you use this software, the update will install the next time you log off your MiWorkspace computer after March 13. After the update is installed, the software name will change to VMware Horizon View Client and the interface will have a new look and feel.

The VMware Horizon View Client will be located in the Start Menu, and your saved connections will be available after the upgrade. You should not need to manually reconnect to servers or virtual machines.

Please see the instructions on the MiWorkspace Support site for help connecting to virtual machines using the new VMware Horizon View Client.

What is VMware View Client?
VMware View Client is software used to connect to virtual sites or machines.

Why are we upgrading to VMware Horizon View Client?
The new version allows connections to newer virtual machines and is compatible with previous connections.