Our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Strategy in 2017

This information was emailed on December 15, 2016, to members of [email protected].

Next year, we will release a new set of capabilities aimed to enhance delivery of services oriented towards those managing their own devices. Earlier this year, a team worked with students, faculty, and staff to understand the issues they faced when navigating technology, both at the university and in their personal lives. The team then worked with campus leadership to refine its scope of deliverables, due for release in 2017.

This year we will release three new tools to make using university and MiWorkspace resources on personal devices easier. First, we are developing a new website designed to provide technology tools and information needed to navigate the BYOD landscape; this site will lead to the Blue Disc site retirement. Additionally, BYOD invested in software on demand delivery model, and will grow its use of this technology to deliver applications for some campus customers. The team worked to add an innovative new feature-set for use with the MPrint service, which will allow customers to print to a single Follow Me queue, and release their jobs using a mobile app to equipped printers or multifunction devices.

These technologies are designed to simplify navigation of U-M technology. They will seamlessly integrate into the MiWorkspace end user environment, and will be programmatically focused on alignment of BYOD and MiWorkspace to the vision of anytime, any device, anywhere.