MiCORES Newsletter, May 2024


Welcome to the inaugural issue of the MiCORES quarterly newsletter! This first issue is for Core staff and administrators of MiCORES, with plans to include Principal Investigators and other users in future editions.

The intent of this newsletter is to share:

  • New functionality in MiCORES.
  • Features that you may find useful in the future.
  • Other general announcements, updates, and resources.

New ITS MiCORES Service Website

The website for learning about MiCORES and accessing system support information has moved. Please update any bookmarks and visit the new website. It has the same information previously available on the MiCORES Learning Sharepoint site and more.

The ITS MiCORES home page

The pages have been redesigned and relocated to:

  • Improve accessibility, searchability, navigation, and layout.
  • Be responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Align with research administrative systems supported by ITS.

The original MiCORES Sharepoint site will be phased out throughout 2024.

Introduction to Requesting a Survey

Did you know that iLab’s Customer Surveys can maximize the efficiency of operations in your area? The surveys can be used to ask users to rate aspects of their experience of a core facility, an event, or a service.

To request additional information about iLabs Survey, or to request a survey consultation meeting with the support team, complete the MiCORES: Request a Survey Assessment form.

In the meeting with the support team, you will discuss details of questions to ask, types of questions, and frequency of the surveys.

Publication Tracker Functionality for Core Administrators

The Publication Tracker module is designed for Core Administrators to easily view publications contributed by their facilities and researchers. It reduces manual tracking time, accurately captures contributions, and offers tools to download and layer publication data with other iLab reporting data.

MiCORES Core Facilities drop down menu. Publication Tracker is outlined in red at the end of the list.

Additionally, this page explains how to access the Publication Tracker, navigate its interface, and utilize its features effectively.

MiCORES Support

Various resources are available for learning about and getting help with MiCORES.

We hope you find this information helpful. If you have feedback or ideas for future newsletters, please let us know at [email protected].

How can we help you?

For MiCORES/iLab application operational assistance with account access, system navigation, and more, visit the iLab Help site, contact support, or email [email protected] for the most prompt service.

For questions regarding MiCORES features (U-M specific iLab application), please contact the ITS Service Center:

This newsletter was sent to Core administrators and staff members.