ITS to retire legacy Finger Service on July 27


In an effort to simplify its service offerings, ITS will retire the limited-use, redundant Finger Service on July 27, 2019.

What is it?

The U-M Finger Service allows people to query public parts of the MCommunity directory using a text-based interface. The service is used by technical staff who prefer working from the command line and by scripts used in IT systems integration and process automation.

The service is used by a person running the “finger” command in a terminal window on their laptop computer, desktop computer, or remote system. See the example case below.


For questions, concerns, or other feedback related to the retirement of the ITS Finger service, contact

Alternatives to the Finger Service

  1. Recommended: Everyone who has relied on the finger command to look up people in MCommunity should instead use the MCommunity Directory website. Please consult the documentation Search Tips for MCommunity.
  2. Advanced alternative: “ldapsearch” command (learn more)
  3. Advanced alternative: Python script or Perl script (learn more)

Example case

$ finger
"markmont, People"
 Also Known As:
              Mark A Montague
              Mark Montague
              ITS Infra Sys Srvcs & Ops - Faculty and Staff
              ITS Infrastrc - Systems - Faculty and Staff
 E-Mail Address:
 U of M Phone:
 U of M Address:
              ITS Infra Sys Srvcs & Ops
              4251 Plymouth Rd. AL1 - 2740
              Ann Arbor MI 48105-3640
               Web Platforms and Information Systems Manager