Frontline Support Team Improves Customer Service

This information was emailed on September 14, 2016, to members of

The ITS Service Center and Neighborhood IT launched a pilot last May to increase the number of support calls resolved by the first consultant the customer reaches, known as first-contact resolution. That pilot lasted for about six weeks and included three rotations of five Neighborhood IT team members who worked alongside ITS Service Center colleagues. When faculty and staff contacted the ITS Service Center regarding MiWorkspace, the Frontline Support team was available at the Service Center to help. 

The Frontline Support team:

  • improved customer satisfaction reported in post-resolution surveys.
  • increased the first-contact resolution rate by 10 percentage points.
  • reduced the number of tickets handed off for resolution by other teams.
  • did not increase the cost of the service.
  • reported a higher level of cross-team collaboration and communication, and mutual learning. 

A Frontline Support team has been in place at the ITS Service Center during the beginning of the fall term. We are planning to make it a permanent part of the MiWorkspace service support structure.