Changes in the Software Catalog

This information was emailed on August 25, 2015, to members of [email protected].

Software available in the MiWorkspace Software catalog will change over time for a number of reasons, including formerly free software now requiring purchase, software phasing out over time, or installer changes difficult to deploy in MiWorkspace. When this happens, we will work with the designated software approvers in your unit.

  • Flip4Mac (OS X) - Flip4Mac now requires unit approval as it is no longer freely available. The software will remain on current devices at no charge. Instead of Flip4Mac, we recommend using VLC Media Player, a similar, free application. VLC Media Player is available from the MiWorkspace Managed Software Center.
  • DivX Plus (OS X) - Because of significant changes to how DivX Plus is installed and updated, MiWorkspace will no longer deploy it. Instead, we recommend VLC Media Player.
  • Twitter & TweetDeck (OS X) - MiWorkspace will no longer deliver Twitter and TweetDeck on newly built machines. The applications are available as free downloads from the Apple App Store.