ARC Director Brock Palen spoke about Globus at SC22


By Stephanie Dascola

At the recent International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis in Dallas (SC22) in Dallas, Tx., ARC Director Brock Palen spoke about how the University of Michigan is using Globus File Transfer. Globus allows the transfer of data between different storage systems, lab computers, and personal desktops/laptops.

“U-M is the largest public research university in North America by research spend. There are over a hundred top 10 graduate programs, and this drives a lot of interesting collaborations,” said Palen.  

Globus is a robust, cloud-based, file transfer service designed to move many large files, ranging from 10s of GBs to 10s of TBs. ARC is a Globus Subscription Provider for the U-M community, which allows U-M resources to serve as endpoints or collections for file transfers.

“Globus is the tool we use for data transfer, and it’s pretty much ubiquitous across Internet2, the national sites, other academic sites, and it interoperates everywhere,” Palen noted.  

Watch the YouTube video featuring Brock Palen

Check out the Globus user guide on the ARC website.