All students required to use two-factor authentication by 2020


Beginning this fall, all students on the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses are being encouraged to turn on Duo two-factor authentication before January 29. 

Cyberattacks and online theft have increased with such sophistication that the industry-wide, IT security standard is now to use two-factor authentication. Duo provides the university with the most options for individual choice (mobile app, hardware token, YubiKey, etc.), while effectively reducing the risk to the institution's data and systems as well as student and employee personal information. 

U-M student employees, staff, faculty, and sponsored affiliates were required to use two-factor by this past January, although most voluntarily turned it on before the deadline. Over half of the students on the Ann Arbor campus alone are already using Duo – some because of their role as student employees and others because they also recognize the importance of online safety and security. 

Information and Technology Service’s Information Assurance is engaging with student organizations and collaborating with university groups and organizations that work closely with students to help get the word out. Schools, colleges, and units are being asked to encourage their students to turn on two-factor before the January requirement date. An advisory group consisting of representation from across the university will provide input and recommendations throughout the implementation process.

Students and employees can find more information about turning on Duo two-factor authentication on the Safe Computing website at