Matt Britt

HPC Operations Programming Manager

Matt Britt is the high-performance computing (HPC) HPC Systems manager for Advanced Research Computing (ARC), a division of Information and Technology Services (ITS)

He is responsible for the Great LakesArmis2, and Lighthouse HPC clusters job scheduling, day-to-day operations of the ARC HPC group, including hiring, employee reviews, and effort coordination.

Matt has been working in high-performance computing at the University of Michigan since 1998. He began his career at the U-M College of Engineering, and focused on the National Science Foundation’s National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (NSF NPACI) that deployed HPC resources for advanced computing on a national scale and championed the Beowulf concept of clusters. U-M was also a host site for NPACI-funded services, including the Center for Advanced Computing of HPC, which later became ARC. 

He has designed increasingly complex scheduling, deployment, and accounting systems to provide HPC solutions for users, principal investigators, and the University of Michigan. He has also worked as an HPC systems administrator on batch compute systems, and on AIX, SGI, and Linux systems supporting HPC clusters.

He holds a degree from the University of Michigan in computer science (1998). 

Matt enjoys hacking on new technology, is an occasional photographer, and optimistic runner.