Your UMICH Password

Your UMICH (Level-1) password is the password associated with your U-M uniqname. You use it when you log in to Wolverine Access and to most U-M computing services (such as U-M Google, your MCommunity Directory profile, and more). Members of the Michigan Medicine community have an additional password, the Level-2 password, associated with their uniqname that is used with Michigan Medicine services.

Your UMICH password is synchronized to several systems, so you need only remember one password to get access to multiple university computing services.

Password Security Recommendations

  • Do not use your UMICH password for any systems outside the university. Use different passwords for these services. Visit Manage Your Passwords for more information.
  • Use two-factor (Duo) authentication. All U-M employees, students, and sponsored affiliates are required to use two-factor for Weblogin to protect their U-M account. Retirees and alumni are encouraged to do so.
  • Choose a secure UMICH password that is strong, memorable, and unique for U-M use.
  • If you suspect your account has been compromised, change your password right away!
  • Change your password if it has been at risk. See the Password Security Checklist for situations that might put your password at risk.

Forgot Your Password?

Many people forget their password at one time or another. If you forget your UMICH (Level-1) password and you set up an account recovery address, you can reset your password yourself at UMICH Account Management. If you haven't yet set up account recovery, you can ask the ITS Service Center to reset your password for you.

Members of the Michigan Medicine community can log in to their Michigan Medicine profile page with their Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password and reset their UMICH password from there.