ITS Instructional Videoconferencing Pilot

The use of videoconferencing for instructional delivery is evolving and improving, and Information and Technology Services (ITS) continues to work closely with multiple partners to enhance learning via video conferencing. One such partner is Class EDU, a new company that is building out the virtual learning experience on Zoom.

While it’s still in its early stages, ITS is looking forward to working with a small group of faculty on an initial pilot of Class for Zoom, a product by Class EDU, to see how it could potentially be applied here at Michigan.

If you would like to participate in a pilot program to help define and evaluate new videoconferencing capabilities for instructional applications, please complete the form below.

Apply to the pilot program


Why should you want to participate?

  • It’s an opportunity to see and influence tools the university is considering bringing to campus.
  • You will serve as a representative for the faculty community.
  • It’s enjoyable. Faculty in related programs were excited to share what they thought about the various tools.


We want to get your views on the tool’s content and usability in the teaching and learning environments in which you operate. Hence, your input is vital.


ITS will contact you by email, set up time to discuss the tool being tested, go over the tool itself, confirm whether you are interested in testing the particular tool and, if so, arrange to get started with the test.


We need faculty and instructors from an array of academic backgrounds with all types of interests. We also need individuals who use a range of platforms including Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android and Chrome OS. The pilot evaluation will begin with the Mac OS client and expand as additional platforms are supported.

We’re not looking for expert testers, just individuals willing to work with technology that could rapidly change over the course of the pilot, and who are interested in telling us about their experience with the tool.


It is also important that the university’s learning tools are accessible. Therefore, we are interested in participation by faculty with a range of accommodation needs (visual/auditory, motor and/or cognitive) as this will help us better assess the tool from an accessibility perspective.

Please know that we will maintain your privacy.


Join us by completing our instructional videoconferencing pilot interest form.