WiFi & Networks

ITS Networks are designed to handle the daily traffic that faculty, staff, and students require, the high speed and bandwidth that campus researchers need to connect on campus and across the globe, and customized changes that unit leadership may wish to make in their buildings.

  • WiFi
    Communicate through wireless networks on laptops, tablets, cellular phones, and other devices.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    Provides secure access to university resources and encrypts traffic on university and public networks.
  • Device Connection Guide
    Provides information about which electronic devices can be connected to the campus network.
  • Network Speed Testing
    Tests the speed of a stable network connection.
  • Northwood Networks
    Northwood Networks provide internet, telephone, and cable television to Northwood Community Apartments.

Networking for Researchers

Networking for Unit Leaders

  • Core Network
    The Campus Core Network (Backbone) is architected for speed, reliability, capacity, and redundancy to handle daily traffic and high speed and bandwidth for campus research.
  • In-Building Networks
    In-Building Networks are architected to handle the unique wireless and wired networking needs for each unit across campus.
  • Network Tools
    Network tools are available to unit and neighborhood IT professionals to assist in monitoring and maintaining the in-building networks they help support.
  • Network Security
    The U-M Virtual Firewall Service is a network security service available to academic and administrative units on the Ann Arbor campus.
  • U-M Windows Forest
    The U-M Windows Forest is a university-wide collection of domains that are connected by trust relationships and share a common store of information, the Active Directory.

Additional Information