Northwood Community Apartments

Telephone, Network, and Television Services

Students living in Northwood apartments have access to telephone, television, and network services.

  • Telephone & Voicemail
  • Television
  • Internet
    Networks in Northwood vary from other residence halls. Specific information on using these networks and troubleshooting instructions are available in our Northwood guides.

Current Northwood internet speeds are up to 50Mb/s download and up to 10Mb/s upload.

The modem and cable outlet in your Northwood apartment connect your computer, analog phone, television, and other devices to the Northwood network. The modem includes one port for an Ethernet cable and one port for a phone. For additional computers or devices, you will need an Ethernet switch or router.

Northwood Apartments residents are required to abide by the Network Responsible Use Agreement.