perfSONAR Connection Tests

Note: The University of Michigan is in the process of updating and expanding its perfSONAR deployment. Goals for this process include a fully instrumented perfSONAR deployment across the Core Network and BIN, targeted perfSONAR meshes for specific schools and colleges (including at least one perfSONAR node per building), and perfSONAR meshes for the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses. Michigan is open to working with researchers on setting up multi-institutional perfSONAR meshes, as appropriate for specific research projects. The project will include maintenance to current perfSonar nodes and availability cannot be guaranteed.

perfSONAR is a global testing tool used by researchers and science networks to ensure network performance on connections on high speed connections. 

perfSONAR can be run on Windows or Macintosh computer with a web browser. For instructions on how to do this on a Linux device, refer to the ESnet Network Troubleshooting Tools documentation.

perfSONAR is not available for iOS or Android devices.

The university has perfSONAR appliances at our network core and inside our data center locations. Below is a list of connections you can test. To run a test, click on the link and select Start.

Campus Connections

Check network performance from your computer to various campus locations:

Data Center Connections

Check network performance from your computer to our data centers:

  • Michigan Academic Computing Center (South Campus) - undergoing maintenance
  • Modular Data Center (North Campus)

Campus Edge

Campus Edge Checks network performance from your computer to the edge of the university network.

Note: This test is not valid for Internet2 traffic, which takes a different path. We currently do not have a perfSONAR appliance at our Internet 2 edge location.

Other Institutions

Many other higher education institutions have perfSONAR appliances, if you wish to test your network performance with another institution, see the ESnet Global Services Directory.