IT4U Webinars

IT4U is a regular series of 30- and 45-minute interactive webinars brought to you by Information & Technology Services (ITS). Learn and apply tips and techniques for working with ITS tools, products, and services. Topics include Google, Box, the U-M Data Warehouse, accessibility tips, safe computing, video conferencing, and more.

IT4U Webinars

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Topic Episode Title Description Length (minutes) Date Resources
My LINC IT4U73 IT4U73: My LINC Tips & Tricks

My LINC offers a wealth of resources--from eLearning courses to step-by-step procedures and more. Jeanne Mackey (ITS) offers tips for streamlining navigation and searches and avoiding typical My LINC "gotcha's." 

25 03/16/2017 Resources
Data Warehouse IT4U72 Create a Shortcode Report in BusinessObjects

Bill LaCroix (ITS) shows how to create a BusinessObjects report that lists a department's Shortcodes and associated chartfields. For Shortcodes with Project Grants, the report provides PG details, including contacts and current balance.  Level: Introductory.

42 02/28/2017 Resources
Videoconferencing IT4U71 Going Live with BlueJeans

 Todd Austin (LSA Instructional Support Services) provides a quick-start introduction to participating in, moderating, and setting up BlueJeans virtual connections. Learn how to create real-time video and/or audio links for teaching, research, meetings, and events. See what's changed since our last BlueJeans webinar.

45 02/23/2017 Google doc with resources
Google IT4U70 What's New with Google Sites

Google Sites has a new look and feel.  Monica Hickson (ITS) shows how to create pages, add new stylish themes, drag and drop content, and collaborate in real time. Level: Intermediate.

39 01/25/2017 Resources
File Storage IT4U69 Collaborate with Box and Google Shared Accounts

Do you have files in your Google Drive or Box folders that really belong to your department or project team? MaryBeth Stuenkel (ITS) shows how to use shared accounts to manage your team’s data—from Box folders to Google email and calendars. Level: Intermediate.

41 12/01/2016 Resources
Google IT4U68 The New Inbox by Gmail

Are you looking for a different way to manage your email so it acts more like a task list? Inbox by Gmail sorts, bundles and marks your email as complete. Monica Hickson (ITS) shows how to use the new features and get closer to INBOX ZERO--an inbox with no email in it! Level: Intermediate.

40 11/10/2016 Resources
Data Warehouse IT4U67 HR Job Code Changes in the U-M Data Warehouse

UHR has added 1700 dual job codes to the Human Resource data set as part of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulatory changes. Denise Stegall (UHR) demonstrates the impact of this change and how to modify your reports. If you use BusinessObjects or another tool to access the HR data set, this session is for you!

40 10/17/2016 Resources
Data Warehouse IT4U66 Intro to the U-M Data Warehouse

Mary Wise and Jeanne Mackey (ITS) provide an overview of some of the main data sets, how to access and use the data dictionaries, U-M Maintained reports, and training resources. Level: Introductory.

43 09/26/2016 Resources
System Access IT4U64 Getting Access to U-M Administrative Data with OARS

Kristen Jackson (ITS) demonstrates the new Online Access Request System (OARS), including how to request access, track the status of your request, and check what access you have.

35 08/09/2016 Resources
File Storage IT4U65 Securing Your Data in M+Box

MaryBeth Stuenkel (ITS) shows how to make M+Box work better for you, using the available security features. Your data is encrypted while stored in Box and also during uploads and downloads. But there's more! This cloud-based service offers additional options to ensure the privacy and security of your files.

44 06/21/2016 Resources
Data Warehouse IT4U63 BusinessObjects Tips & Tricks

Review of time-saving tips in BusinessObjects--from scheduling reports to creating grouped variables and simple charts. Level: Basic to intermediate.

44 05/12/2016 Resources
Safe Computing IT4U62 Spear Phishing--Don't Get Hooked!

Spear phishing is an e-mail spoofing fraud attempt to steal your confidential data. Data security analyst Louis Daher (ITS ) offers tips on how to identify and avoid common hooks and prepare for any future attacks.

32 04/28/2016 Resources
Data Warehouse IT4U61 Using BusinessObjects with Financial Data

Learn to modify a canned BusinessObjects query and build your own in the Financial data set. Level: Intermediate

41 03/22/2016 Resources
Google IT4U60 Organize Your Google Mail

Is your Google Mail inbox out of control? Learn how to get and stay organized with shortcuts, filters, labs, and extensions. Presenter: Rick Sawoscinski (ITS) Level: Basic to intermediate.

44 03/17/2016 Resources
Data Warehouse IT4U58 Report Filters and Tabs in BusinessObjects Reports

Learn how to customize data display with filters, tabs, and more in BusinessObjects reports. Level: Introductory

14 01/21/2016 Resources
Digital Signage IT4U56 Live Data on Digital Signs--Part 1

Mandy Grabowski (ITS) shows how to update your digital sign’s content via a Google Sheet, using the Sheet-to-Sign connection. Level: Intermediate.

25 12/15/2015 Resources
Data Warehouse IT4U55 Formulas & Variables in BusinessObjects

Leverage the power of formulas and variables in BusinessObjects reports--including numeric, character, document, and logical functions. Level: Intermediate.

48 12/08/2015 Resources
Google IT4U54 What's New with Google Calendar

Jennifer Mruk (ITS) shows how to customize your Google calendar. Learn how to add a Google Hangout, set notifications, time slots and your work hours, add an attachment to an invitation, use the mobile app, and more. Level: Introductory.

33 11/24/2015 Presentation and links
Data Warehouse IT4U53 Merging Multiple Data Providers in BusinessObjects BI4

Learn how to merge data from multiple datasets in BusinessObjects. Level: Intermediate.

34 11/09/2015 Resources
Data Warehouse IT4U52 Creating Reports in BusinessObjects BI4

Learn how to create and format BusinessObjects reports. Level: Beginning-intermediate.

42 10/13/2015
Data Warehouse IT4U51 Sneak Peek at BusinessObjects BI4

Learn what's new with BusinessObjects version BI4. Level: Beginning-intermediate.

31 09/15/2015
Accessibility IT4U50 Accessibility Tips for Mac Users

Jane Vincent, Assistive Technology Manager (ITS), reviews OS X Yosemite's features that make computing easier for people with disabilities--and possibly everyone else. Innovations include screen configuration options and improved speech recognition and text-to-speech.

25 08/06/2015 Resources
Canvas IT4U49 Canvas at U-M

 Canvas is U-M's cloud-based learning management system. Dave Nassar (ITS) shows what the buzz is all about, including streamlined workflows and powerful tools like Speedgrader. Level: Introductory.

38 07/16/2015 Resources
File Storage IT4U48 U-M File Storage Solutions

Choosing the best online storage options for your files can be daunting. MaryBeth Stuenkel (ITS) offers an overview and best practices, with a focus on M+Box and Google Drive. Level: Introductory.

43 06/30/2015 Resources
Data Reporting IT4U47 ITS Data Reporting Resources

If you're just getting started with U-M administrative data reporting, this one's for you! Jeanne Mackey (ITS) provides a quick overview of resources, including data set descriptions, data dictionaries, the Report Library, training options, and more. Level: Introductory.

25 05/20/2015 Resources
Videoconferencing IT4U46 Using Blue Jeans, Part 2

Learn more about setting up, participating in, and moderating Blue Jeans virtual meetings. Presenter Mike Stork (ITS) covers typical "gotchas" and best practices. Level: Intermediate.

47 05/05/2015 Resources
Videoconferencing IT4U45 Experience a Blue Jeans Virtual Meeting

Mike Stork (ITS) demonstrates basic meeting management, screen-sharing, phone participation, and more. This webinar took place within a Blue Jeans meeting, with most participants interacting via web camera.

46 03/19/2015 Resources
Google IT4U43 Intro to Google Drive

Martin Sager and Jen Mruk (ITS) give a quick tour of Google Drive with time-saving tips. Includes a comparison with Microsoft Office. Level: Introductory.

35 02/25/2015 Resources
Qualtrics IT4U40 Streamlined Surveys with Qualtrics

Britain Woodman (Library Operations) offers tips on creating surveys with Qualtrics.

30 11/11/2014