Labor Rates & Processing Charges

Labor Type Standard Overtime Season Day Holiday
Wiring—New Construction or Major Renovation (twisted pair cable only) $81.00 $122.00 $122.00 $162.00
Wiring—Within Campus Buildings (cable for UMphone, UMnet, or UMTV) $101.00 $152.00 $152.00 $202.00
Wiring—Outside Campus Buildings (cable for backbone and infrastructure) $110.00 $165.00 $165.00 $220.00
Network, Switch, Video Configuration $110.00 $165.00 $165.00 $220.00
Voice Repair (per half hour) $54.00 $81.00 * $81.00 * $108.00 *
Data Network and Video Repair (per half hour) $73.00 $110.00 * $110.00 * $146.00 *
Project Management and Training $107.00 $161.00 $161.00 $214.00
Engineering and Consulting $121.00 $182.00 $182.00 $242.00

Labor rates are per person, per hour (or half hour for Repair). There is a half hour minimum, except as follows:

* Voice Repair, Data Network and Video Repair: 2 hour minimum at non-standard times

Labor rates for overtime, season days, and holidays are calculated as follows:

Overtime = Standard Rate x 1.5
Season Days = Standard Rate x 1.5
Holidays = Standard Rate x 2

Expedited orders are charged at time and a half (1.5 x labor charge) and the expedited service order charge is $125 per order.

Service Agreement holders should refer to their contract as non-standard labor rates may vary.

Service Order and Other Administrative Processing Charges

Service Request Billing Code Rate
Standard Service Order SO-VO-STANDA
Expedited Service Order SO-VO-EXPEDI
Changes to orders written but not yet dispatched to the location. Changes may delay previous due dates. SO-VO-CHANGE
$25.00 (minimum)
Changes or Cancellations to pending orders (once the technician has been dispatched to the order location). SO-VO-CANCEL
$25.00 (minimum) + charges for all labor and materials used on the order + Standard Service Order Charge
Handling Charge for Rebilling Non-ITCom Telephone Services (Billing External Services)   $15.00/service/invoice/month