MiStorage Features


The MiStorage service offers Silver and Gold performance tiers.

  • MiStorage Silver: Low-cost mass storage
  • MiStorage Gold: Designed for applications that require faster performing disk than what is available at the Silver tier. MiStorage Gold has a higher rate than the Silver tier.


Storage can be purchased in gigabyte (GB) increments. The service allows the use of either the CIFS or NFSv3 Protocol.

MiStorage CIFS

  • The MiStorage service with CIFS protocol provides Windows-compatible file space on a robust file server appliance, while allowing department staff to create and manage user access to the file space.

  • MiStorageĀ CIFS is accessible by Windows and Mac clients.

MiStorage NFSv3

  • The MiStorage service with NFSv3 protocol provides performance similar to a local disk without the burden of maintaining the drive locally. MiStorage NFSv3 offers flexibility, as you can upgrade the size of your share at any time. NFSv3 may not be used with sensitive data.
  • MiStorage NFSv3 is accessible by Linux and Mac clients.

Data Snapshots

Snapshots provide customers with a read-only copy of their data that is frozen at a specific point-in-time and is then written to the same tier of disk as the source data. This allows the restoration of deleted data without the need for requesting restores from ITS. Snapshot capability can be purchased for an additional fee, and includes:

  • Daily snapshots around noon and 4 p.m., retained for 3 days
  • Nightly snapshots around midnight every day, retained for 7 days
  • Weekly snapshots every Sunday morning at midnight, retained for 8 weeks

Files and directories for MiStorage CIFS shares with snapshots may be restored on a Windows machine via the "Use Previous Version" tab. Contact the ITS Service Center if you cannot use Windows and need the hidden path to restore from a smb mount on Mac or Linux. Exact path will vary depending upon the backend server that the share is on.

Files and directories for MiStorage NFS shares with snapshots may be restored from the hidden .snapshot folder at the top level of the mount.

Contact the ITS Service Center if you need help navigating this.

Data Replication

Replication is a form of disaster recovery that is built into the MiStorage service. The replication service takes a snapshot of your data every 24 hours. Snapshots are synchronized at least once every 24 hours to ensure the disaster recovery copy is no more than a day out of date. Additionally, snapshots are stored on another server and can be recovered in a disaster, but snapshots are not intended for restoring deleted files.

Customers that do not select replication are advised to create copies of their data sets using media of their choice. In case of data loss, ITS will not be able to provide assistance and cannot be considered responsible.