Submit an Offboarding Request

Contact the ITS Service Center to submit a request to offboard an employee who will be transferring to another unit or leaving the university.

Please include the following information about the employee leaving your unit in the offboarding request:

  • Uniqname
  • Last day and time they will leave work
  • Primary location (room/building)
  • Type of departure: transfer, leaving university (voluntary), leaving university (involuntary), other
  • Manager/supervisor’s uniqname

The offboarding process de-provisions network access, personal and departmental storage, printing, and hardware with appropriate software (if applicable). If the employee is moving to a different unit, their access will be appropriately updated.

IMPORTANT: The automated offboarding process applies only to MiWorkspace. Additional offboarding tasks may be required by your unit.

Automated Offboarding for Regular Faculty & Staff (Pilot 2017-18)

Coming soon in 2018!

For units piloting the new process, offboarding requests are automated for regular faculty and staff members who transfer/change positions or leave the university. The automated process starts after a staff appointment change or termination is processed in Wolverine Access. A separate request does not need to be submitted to the ITS Service Center.

Student and Temporary Staff: Please submit offboarding requests to the ITS Service Center for student and temporary staff. The automated offboarding process applies to regular faculty and staff only. Batch processing for student and temporary employee offboarding is coming in the future.

Neighborhood IT staff will contact the manager to verify details and gather information about the following topics approximately a week after the change or termination is processed by University Human Resources. Neighborhood IT will follow up with others in the unit, as appropriate. They will ask about:

  • The nature of the offboarding: leaving the university, internal transfer within department, transfer to new department, etc.
  • Access to unit-specific apps or databases to determine what should be removed. Neighborhood IT will make a best effort to remove access or contact the unit for removal.
  • Retention and continued access to the employee’s data. Neighborhood IT will move requested documents per department procedure.
  • Plans and timeline for reusing hardware. Neighborhood IT will move and rebuild the hardware, as needed.
  • Licensed software installed on the machine. Neighborhood IT will transfer or record license keys if the software needs to be reinstalled or transferred to a new machine.