How It Works

All work is done on the premises of the Computer Showcase location where you drop off your computer.

You will be asked to fill out a work order that includes a liability waiver at the time the request is made. We encourage you to read the contract carefully. Payment is due at the time of pick-up.

Who Can Use the Service

The service is available to:

  • U-M students
  • regular (non-temporary) U-M staff
  • current and emeritus U-M faculty
  • U-M departments
  • Regents of the University

Bringing In Your Computer

Please note: while we can do maintenance work on any type of computer, we can perform hardware repair only on Apple, Dell and HP computers. For information on repairing other computers, see our repair page.

  1. As a precautionary measure, we strongly encourage you to back up your personal files prior to bringing your system in for repair. (We take all appropriate precautions, but the possibility exists that some data could inadvertently be lost during the course of some repairs.)

  2. Bring your hardware and software to either Computer Showcase location.

    What to Bring

    If you are bringing in a laptop, bring also:

    • the power adapter
    • and all appropriate software (operating system software and/or application software)

    If you are bringing in a desktop computer, bring:

    • just the CPU (you needn't bring the keyboard, mice or monitor)
    • and all appropriate software (operating system software and/or application software)

    You will need to leave these items with us. Sorry, but we are not able to offer pick-up or delivery at this time.

How Long It Will Take

This service operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Repairs and installations can take anywhere from one to five business days, depending on the number and type of requests in the queue. You may wish to call ahead to see how busy we are, but our best estimate can only be made at the time of check in, since requests for service can fluctuate on short notice.

Software Issues

All software must be licensed directly to the customer. If your work request includes the installation of new software (such as an OS upgrade), you can usually purchase the software from the Computer Showcase here at a reduced educational price at the time you place your request. Call in advance or check the Showcase website if you want to check the availability of specific software.

Picking Up Your Computer

Once you've heard from us that your computer is ready to be picked up, you can come to the Computer Showcase anytime during its hours of operation. Payment is due at the time of pick-up.

Warranty Disclaimer

It's important to understand that your equipment's warranty is with the manufacturer (not with the Showcase). The manufacturer (Apple, Dell, HP, etc.) sets the terms of the warranty and you will deal directly with them if it comes to claims.

Not all warranties are equal (for example, some cover accidental damage and some do not), so know exactly what yours covers. Learn more about warranty coverage on computers purchased from the Computer Showcase.

If you purchased your computer elsewhere (even if you bought an Apple, Dell or HP computer), you may have a different warranty agreement.

Info for Departments

The primary mission of Tech Repair is to serve the needs of UM-affiliated individuals. However, as a convenience to departments, we are able to provide Apple, Dell and HP warranty service under warranty or charged to a ShortCode. Learn more about our Departmental Service.