Sites Software List

Browse the Campus Computing Sites software selection for the 2017–18 academic year.

Note: Software access is granted based on your affiliation with the university. Students and faculty on the UM-Ann Arbor campus have access to all software. Use the Role Availability filter to see which software titles you are licensed to use. For more information about this change, see Changes to Software Access.

Title Operating System
3D Studio Max Design PC
7-Zip PC
Adobe Acrobat DC Mac, PC
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Mac, PC
Adobe Air PC
Adobe Camera Raw Mac
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Mac, PC
Adobe Fireworks CS6 PC
Adobe Flash Player Mac, PC
Adobe Flash Pro Mac
Adobe Flash Pro CS6 PC
Adobe Illustrator CS6 Mac, PC
Adobe InDesign CS6 Mac, PC
Adobe Media Encoder Mac
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Mac, PC
AdobeAIR Mac
After Effects CS6 Mac, PC
AnyConnect Mac
AnyConnect Client PC
ArcGIS Desktop PC
Audacity Mac, PC
AutoCAD Mac, PC
Autodesk FBX® Converter PC
Berkeley Madonna (free version) PC
Blender Mac, PC
BlueJeans Browser PlugIn Mac
BlueJeans Desktop App Mac, PC
ChemDraw Professional Mac
ChemOffice Professional PC
Chrome Mac, PC
Citrix Receiver Mac
CMake Mac
Colloquy Mac
Coot Mac
CrystalDiffract Mac, PC
CrystalMaker Mac, PC
CutePDF Pro PC
Cyberduck Mac
Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Mac
Eclipse Classic PC
Epi Info PC
ET GeoWizards PC
Evernote Mac, PC
Examplify Mac
Fetch Mac
FileZilla Mac, PC
Firefox ESR Mac, PC
GarageBand Mac
Gephi Mac
gfortran Mac
GNU Fortran Mac
gnuplot Mac
Google Earth Pro Mac, PC
HandBrake Mac
ImageJ Mac, PC
iMovie Mac
Internet Explorer PC
iTunes Mac, PC
Java Runtime 32bit PC
JAVA Runtime 64bit PC
jEdit Mac, PC
Jing Mac, PC
KeyAccess Mac, PC
Keynote Mac
LaTeXiT Mac
LyX Mac
MacPyMOL Mac
MacTex Mac
Maple Mac, PC
Mathematica Mac, PC
Mendeley Desktop Mac, PC
Microsoft Office 2016 Mac
Microsoft Office Professional Plus PC
Microsoft Remote Desktop Mac
Minitab PC
MIT Kerberos PC
Mplus 8 PC
NetLogo PC
Notepad++ PC
nQuery + nTerim PC
Numbers Mac
NVivo PC
OracleJavaPlugin Mac
Pages Mac
Photos Mac
proTeXt PC
Putty SSH PC
Python Mac, PC
Python 2 PC
qGIS 64bit PC
QuickTime Player X Mac
R Statistical Computing and Graphics Package Mac
R Statistical Computing and Graphics Package With Rcmdr PC
R Studio Open Source Edition Mac, PC
Revit PC
RPack Mac
Safari Mac
SAS 9.4 64 Bit PC
SAS Proc Traj - 64bit PC
Silverlight Mac, PC
SingleCrystal Mac, PC
Sites Mac Configurations Mac
Skype Mac, PC
SQL Server Express PC
Stata SE Mac, PC
Stella PC
Stellarium Mac
TextWrangler Mac
VMware Horizon Client PC
VMware Horizon View Mac
VPython PC
Wacom Drivers Mac
Wacom Pen Tablet Driver Mac
Wincoot PC
Windows Media Player PC
Xcode Mac
Xming PC
Xming Fonts PC
XML Copy Editor PC
XQuartz Mac