ITS Projects

The project list contains the current work in progress. For more information about the projects, contact the project manager.

Updated 7/17/2018

MWrite Transition to ITS

During Spring 2018, at the request of partners at the Sweetland Writing Center (SWC) and the Office of Academic Innovation (AI), ITS Teaching & Learning (T&L) began evaluating the possibility of transferring operational responsibility for the MWrite service to ITS. This would be the second such transfer of a software application and related service and support from AI to T&L (the first being the academic advising tool Student Explorer which moved during the summer of 2017). Although technical work remains to be done (feature backlog, load testing, security and accessibility reviews, etc.), we recommend that operational responsibility for the MWrite application be transferred to ITS over the summer of 2018. The T&L team will work in partnership with SWC and AI over the following year (FY19) to ensure the service is stable, promoted, and appropriately resourced to maintain smooth service delivery at enterprise scale. Our collective experience and evaluation over FY19 will inform a potential FY20 budget request.

Target end date: 12/13/2018
Project manager: Crouch,Catherine M
Executive Director: Demonner,Sean Michael

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.2 Upgrade

Oracle’s extended support for U-M’s current installation of Campus Solutions (CS) 9.0 will end on December 31, 2019. CS provides core functionality for the business processes of Recruiting and Admissions, Student Registration, Student Records, Curriculum, Academic Advising, Financial Aid, Student Financials, and Campus Community (core student and employee data). U-M must upgrade to a version of CS that will be supported for the foreseeable future, in order to maintain business continuity for the primary customers of CS, and to remain compliant and secure in our enterprise systems.

Target end date: 12/31/1969
Project manager: Tuttle,Ann
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

PrivaScope Pilot

PrivaScope: Pilot project to implement the infrastructure service that will provide secure enclave for U-M research of location and other infrastructure data.

Target end date: 9/25/2018
Project manager: Thomas,Katarina Kt
Executive Director: Palms,Andrew T

RAS: AM - AAALAC Improvements Pt2

AAALAC Continous Improvements Pt2- Until U of M is off of probation with AAALAC there will be a constant need to make system changes/improvements. Even if U of M is off of probation there will be items needed to keep us off probation that are recommended by AAALAC The scope of this will be determined based on continual feedback from AAALAC and consultants that have be hired by the Animail Care and Use Office (ACUO formally UCUCA). This project is Compliance related.

Target end date: 10/31/2019
Project manager: Cooper,Camille B
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

RAS: PM - Award Management

automate the management of Research Project Awards, allowing multiple sponsored projects and other research records to be associated with one or more Award.

Target end date: 9/28/2018
Project manager: Palmby,Brian
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

RAS: RM - HRPP Regulatory Changes

To be in compliance with regulatory rule changes that must be implemented on January 19, 2018, the Regulatory Management system must be updated. The changes focus on types of exemptions and needs for continuing review.

Target end date: 8/31/2018
Project manager: Locey,Mary
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

RAS: XProd - Data Normalization (CPIP)

This project is across all eRAS Click Products. This effort will standardize common data tables and population of these tables. Scope includes: Key matching (OIDS), Person Table, Org/Dept Table, Sponsor Table and Dept Group. This will correct some inconsistencies, and provide the foundation for better integrated reporting, and other integrations in general to support Award Management and future projects like MIDAR. The technology to complete these integrations is Click Portal Integration Platform (CPIP).

Target end date: 1/31/2019
Project manager: Locey,Mary
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

Research Storage Expansion (Locker and DataDen)

Locker is a cost optimized, high-capacity, large file storage service for research data. Locker provides high performance for large files, and allows investigators across U-M to connect their data to computing resources necessary for their research, including U-M’s HPC clusters.\n\nLocker can only be used for research data. It is tuned for large files (1MB or greater) but is capable of handling small files such as documents, spreadsheets, etc. Locker can be used in combination with the Globus data management sharing system for hosting and sharing data with external collaborators and institutes.\n\nReplication, snapshots and sensitive data will be supported. General availability is scheduled for early 2018.

Target end date: 1/30/2019
Project manager: Palen,Brock Edward
Executive Director: Palen,Brock Edward

RunMyJobs Implementation

Objective: Implement a Unicenter replacement using the strategy identified as part of the planning project.

To Implement the RunMyJobs scheduling tool and setup all jobs necessary for the support of the in scope EAS systems on RunMyJobs with the intent to retire Unicenter once all identified systems have been successfully running on the new tool. The in scope EAS systems include: ID Card (M-Card), M-Reports, System Security, Cache Scripts, Maintenance Scripts, Portal Sync, Imaging, Data Warehouse, and M-Pathways CS, HCM & FIN systems.

Target end date: 12/10/2018
Project manager: Burch,Jennifer
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

SA - OEM Slate Data Integration Project

The Office of Enrollment Management (OEM) purchased Slate. OEM is managing the overall implementation. The Data Integration subproject is being managed by ITS. Its goal is to assure effective integrations between Slate and the enterprise systems which are required by the project and by other units.

Target end date: 8/16/2019
Project manager: Davis-Craig,Mark A
Executive Director: Behm,Jim