This site includes information about the projects and programs that Information and Technology Services is undertaking to provide an unparalleled IT environment and accelerate creativity and innovation by U-M faculty, students and staff.

Project Status & Health

ITS publishes monthly scorecards to track progress toward University IT Priorities.

  • Executive Scorecard
    Provides a brief, high-level status summary for University IT Priorities
  • IT Management Scorecard (U-M login required)
    Provides more detailed information about project status and health for University IT Priorities

ITS FY16 Priority Projects

Priority Projects are identified annually by the CIO in consultation with university executive leadership and university IT governance. Once identified, these priorities are referenced in the U-M Business and Finance Strategic Plan.

The following projects are ITS' Fiscal Year 2016 (July 2015–June 2016) priorities:

  • Campus Wifi Upgrade

    Upgrade a minimum of 3 million square feet of academic/student buildings. Learn more about the Campus Wifi Upgrade project.

    Project Manager: Leslie Williams and Dana Farrell

    ITS FY16 Business and Finance IT Initiative

  • Transition from CTools to Canvas

    Use Canvas for at least 50% of all Winter 2016 term courses.

    Project Manager: Jennifer Swaney

    ITS FY16 Business and Finance IT Initiative

  • Data Science Infrastructure

    Provide at least three faculty members pilot use of the OpenStack private research cloud, leveraging on-demand, software-define databases.

    Primary Contact: Brock Palen

    ITS FY16 Business and Finance IT Initiative

  • Business Intelligence Center of Expertise

    Hire decision support and analytics leader and create a decision support roadmap (including dashboarding). Begin the process to create a dashboard for the President and other executives. Provide standard management reports aligned to administrative Shared Services Center processes.

    Project Contact: Vijay Thiruvengadam

    ITS FY16 Business and Finance IT Initiative

  • Learning Analytics in partnership with the Office of Digital Education and Innovation

    Deliver initial Learning Analytics Research Dataset, that includes student bio/demo data and student enrollment term data, by June 30, 2016.

    • Student biographic/demographic data
    • Student term data

    Project Managers: Glenn Auerbach and Cristine Little

    ITS FY16 Business and Finance IT Initiative

  • Mobile App for Tracking Location

    Explore and report on capture and location data.

    Primary Contact: Vijay Thiruvengadam

    ITS FY16 Business and Finance IT Initiative

  • Security Initiatives

    • Multifactor Authentication
      Transition current Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) to a new solution and expand its use.
      Project Manager: Earnest King

    • PCI Compliant Infrastructure
      Deploy Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant infrastructure.
      Project Manager: Michael Meister

    • Secure Enclaves
      Create secure enclaves that meet compliance and security requirements for sensitive information (FISMA, PCI, HIPAA, ITAR).
      Project Manager: Svetla Sytch

    • Phishing Scams User Awareness
      Work with faculty to develop and deliver initial instruments to understand the relationship between training and susceptibility to phishing.
      Project Manager: Greg Stathes

    ITS FY16 Business and Finance IT Initiative

  • Value Margin Improvement Initiatives

    Provide support to the VMI (Value Margin Improvement) Initiatives in the Health System through June 30, 2016.

    Project Managers: Katarina Thomas and Brian Palmby

    ITS FY16 Business and Finance IT Initiative

  • Customer Satisfaction Action Plans

    Create action plans by November 30, 2015 based on customer data and update progress on the plans by May 31, 2016. Convene a team to evaluate and recommend revisions to the 2017 customer survey process (including administration, tool, timeline, and data display) to EVPCFO Senior Staff by May 31, 2016.

    Project Manager: Elizabeth Balten

    ITS FY16 Business and Finance IT Initiative

  • Leadership Development

    Complete two classes of the leadership development program for IT campus leaders.

    Project Manager: Dima Tawakkol

    ITS FY16 Business and Finance IT Initiative