Targeted Timeline

  • Fall 2016: Select academic and administrative units will pilot the migration approach and tools
  • December 2016: New project sites require a request to the ITS Service Center
  • February 2017: No new project sites in CTools
  • Spring 2017: Self-service tools will allow site owners to download Resources or Email Archive content, request their site be deleted, and request that their Resources not be bulk migrated
  • Spring 2017 - Spring 2018: ITS facilitates bulk migration of CTools Project Site Resources to Box
  • December 2017 - Fall 2018: Limited content from old CTools Project Sites will be available as "read only"

Retiring CTools

  • Phase 1: Course sites migrate to Canvas (Complete)
  • Phase 2: Project Sites migrate to existing alternatives (Fall 2016 - Spring 2018)
  • Phase 3: Teaching Evaluations and Placement Exams moved off CTools (TBD)
  • Phase 4: Decommission CTools (TBD)