Current Amazon Web Services Offerings

Amazon Web Services at U-M (AWS) is offered to current faculty and staff only. 
Review the Cloud Computing section of the Safe Computing website before using public cloud resources. Review the Sensitive Data Guide for what type of data is permitted in AWS.

Enterprise Agreement

This replaces the Click-Through agreement and provides more protections to the university and to the faculty and staff who use AWS.

U-M Negotiated Pricing (UMICH login required)

Consolidated Billing

This allows university Shortcodes to be used in paying for AWS Services. One or multiple Shortcodes can be used.

There are no additional overhead charges for this service. The account holder is responsible for any service charges generated by their account. Please refer to AWS Service Pricing Overview for a list of services and associated pricing. You can use the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator to estimate your monthly costs.

Important: Reserved Instance, Grants, and Educational Credits do not currently work with Consolidated Billing. Select Enterprise Agreement. We will notify subscribers when AWS allows this with Consolidated Billing.


Custom guardrails provide added security, networking, and reporting. This includes Shibboleth integration through MCommunity group authorization.  As well as central logging of Cloud Trail and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Flow Logs into Splunk. Networking guardrails include initial VPC provisioning with dedicated UM-approved private IP address space. Subnets for web and database applications are pre-defined along with security groups centered around use cases. An optional VPN allows for a secure connection between the cloud and campus resources. Reporting guardrails include inventory and security reporting. Security reports will initially include vulnerability scan results and "loose" security policy. Inventory reports will list provisioned AWS resources and how they are configured.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) service

For those workloads that need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to the Ann Arbor campus, ITS configured a VPN connection. These workloads are ones that are not available to the public internet by default or workloads that are on private IP space on campus. The subscriber is responsible for the AWS charges incurred by the VPN connection.


University of Michigan is signed as an AWS Educate Institution. See the AWS Educate step-by-step guide for more information.

Note: If you plan to use the Educate program, still sign up for the Enterprise Agreement. It is considered an Educational Credit.

Important: Consolidated Billing does not currently work with Educate.