Student Administration Upgrade

The M-Pathways Student Administration upgrade officially kicked off last summer and has an expected go-live date of May 21, 2018.

This upgrade will require an extended outage of the M-Pathways Student Administration system beginning at 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 17, 2018 and ending at 6 a.m. Monday, May 21, 2018. The outage will impact all users of the M-Pathways Student Administration application, including Wolverine Access Student Business, New & Prospective Student, Parents and Family - My Students Information and those who connect through RDAs, Integrations and APIs.

This upgrade brings a review of processes, an opportunity for future advancements to meet the needs of our students and faculty, and updated training and support. Additionally, it positions U-M to better leverage future enhancements from the vendor and continue timely implementations of bug fixes and regulatory releases.

Current Timeline: 

Fit/Gap - complete
Development/Re-apply Modifications - complete
System Testing, Jan 8 - April 25 - in progress
User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Mar 14 - Apr 18
End to End Test Testing, Apr 2 - Apr 20
Roll-out, May 17 - May 20
Stabilization May 21 - June 29
Contingency Roll-out, June 7 - June 10

Upgrade Changes

New Style to All Pages

All pages in M-Pathways Student Administration and Student Business will have a new look!

Current Look vs. New Look of Student Administration pages.

New Search

A new Search icon has been added to the banner. This icon replaces the Search tile.

Current Look vs. New Look of Search

Longer Descriptions on drop-down fields

Some fields now display longer descriptions of valid values.

Current Look vs. New Look of longer descriptions on drop-down fields.

Push Notifications - available for select audiences

Push Notifications are located in the banner.

  1. Click on the number flag to display a summary.

Push Notifications in banner screenshot.

  1. Click Alerts to show details of all active alerts.

Alerts screenshot.

Push Notifications are driven by Process Scheduler events. These events are most common when running a report in M-Pathways when you click Run and then OK on the Process Scheduler Request page.

  • Push Notifications appear after a process completes successfully.
    • The notification appears when you log off and log on again, or click on New Window, or wait approximately 10 minutes.
  • The Push Notification contains a link to the report. You don't have to navigate to Report Manager to find it!
  • Clicking on the X removes the notification from displaying when the Alerts button is clicked.

Clicking on the View All hyperlink displays all notifications received in the past 30 days, even the ones you removed. After 30 days, notifications are permanently removed, even the ones you ignored.

Note: There are processes that require you to use the Process Scheduler but do not generate a report (many of those do generate an error report). Since the Push Notifications are driven by Process Scheduler events, you will get a push notification every time you click Run and then OK on the Process Scheduler Request page.


  • A few batch processes are set up to notify certain users about the completion of a process. Those people will receive a Push Notification.
  • Some central office users sign onto a batch ID. Batch IDs will likely see more push notifications than individual staff.
    • Nearly every batch process runs through the Process Scheduler.
    • The batch processes that are scheduled automatically will create push notifications, as well as any that run “on-demand” due to a special request.
  • Some central office users receive scheduled query results sent through email. After the upgrade, you will also get a Push Notification that replicates the email. The Push Notification contains a link to query results.

My LINC Training Resources

In conjunction with the upgrade, many of the Student Administration training materials available on My LINC have been updated and will continue to be updated after the upgrade. Much of the document contents remain the same due to very little change in the system, but updated screenshots and navigations have been included along with converting old documentation to a new HTML format which allows for more flexibility and accessibility. Links to current documents may change. If you have bookmarked any current documents, be aware that the URL may have changed and the bookmark will no longer work.