Designing for Usability

Make your product something people want to use.

Usability refers to how well a product/tool can be used to quickly accomplish specific tasks in a way that feels satisfying to the user. The focus is on how the task is accomplished and how the system supports the user in accomplishing the task.

Usability Focus

Focusing on usability will:

  • Increase product adoption and confidence.
  • Reduce the need for training and documentation.

Usability can make the difference between “the tool I have to use” and “the tool I use."

Usability Focus is accomplished through:

Usability Guides

Apply UX best practices to your work.

User Experience

User Experience (UX) is the practice of designing to balance users' needs and the goals of your application.

UX allows users to accomplish their tasks in ways that feel "easy" and “intuitive” by translating User Research into functionality, design and the final product.

More than just designing the user interface, UX is a comprehensive approach that integrates many topics covered in the Web Strategy, including:

Usability Testing Report
ITS Site Navigation

  • Test the ITS site navigation with likely target audience.
  • Reveal pain points and confusing experiences.
  • Discover users' preferred way of navigating the ITS website.
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