Building Web Forms? We’ve Got You Covered

Our new Forms Guide will help you to create forms that will minimize entry errors, increase completion rates, and improve customer satisfaction.

Here are some of our favorite tips from the Forms Guide:

  • In general, use a one-column layout. The only time when a two- or multi-column layout may be helpful is for fields that are expected together, like first and last name, make and model, or hour and minute.
  • Do not use color alone to convey meaning. For example, if the only indication of a missing field is that it turns red, this information won’t be communicated clearly to people with color blindness, low vision, or other visual deficiencies.
  • Use clear and unambiguous language. Ambiguous question labels require more cognitive effort from the user and are likely to create data errors, which take time and effort to reconcile. When possible, use plain language and be as precise as possible.

You can view the full Forms Guide on ITS Web Strategy.

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