Information Architecture

There are many ways to organize a website. We often want to organize our content by such things as the type of resource or by messages we want to tell, but these organizations are rarely useful to the people who actually use the site.

When we try harder and create user-centered organization schemes, our analytics don’t improve or some users still report trouble finding things.

Information Architecture

To create effective organization and wayfinding systems, the discipline of information architecture—based on cognitive psychology, Human-Computer Interaction and library science—can help with the following:

  • The way people go about seeking information.
  • The ways they think about groups of content when they're on specific types of info hunts.
  • How they move within and between info.

Information Architecture Analysis

Through exercises and analysis, IA can help ITS teams:

  • Think about how to organize for multiple audiences and their main info tasks.
  • Create navigation that is efficient, consistent and flexible.
  • Develop language that our users can relate to.
  • Create content that is optimized to be found, both by browsing and by search.
  • Leave room for growth.

"To see if information architecture might be useful to you and your site, contact the Digital UX Team."

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