Depot Technician

Our depot technicians are responsible for assisting with the staging, moving, and repair of computers, printers and related supplies around campus. They will work under minimal supervision to inventory, configure, prepare, image and move equipment. They will also consult with and assist other team members on a wide variety of issues, while delivering outstanding customer service.


  • Configure, prepare, and image computers and printers in accordance with established procedures
  • Perform user data and state migration during image build on computers as required
  • Decommission computers and printers by following established procedures
  • Move computers, printers, and related supplies between various designated locations around campus
  • Operate University of Michigan-owned service vehicles in a safe and efficient manner
  • Work service tickets and update records in inventory management system to reflect equipment moves and changes
  • Respond to emergent situations as directed to by voice mail, email, phone calls, or text pages
  • Operate for extended periods of time independent of supervision and immediate assistance from other team members
  • Assist in documenting, validating, and revising operational procedures
  • Other duties as assigned

Educational Value

Learn about leading edge, core technologies at the University of Michigan. Be a part of a multi-disciplined dynamic team working towards a common goal.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be a student currently enrolled at the University of Michigan
  • Ability to lift and carry 60 pounds individually and team-lift 120 pounds
  • Must have a valid drivers license and a safe driving record
  • Familiarity with the University of Michigan Computing Environment, such as desktop computers, networked printers, the basic computing package, and Internet applications
  • Familiarity with commonly used information technologies terms
  • Ability to communicate clearly, both in person and in writing
  • Expressed desire to learn and gain experience in the information technologies field
  • Demonstrated ability to carry out tasks and directives, efficiently and accurately, independent of supervision or immediate assistance
  • Familiarity with all of the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor campus
  • Ability to take the initiative and deal with developing situations as they occur
  • Ability to interact with customers and fellow ITS staff members in a professional and friendly manner
  • Must be able to work a minimum of 8 hours per week

Desired Qualifications

  • Experience as a team member and/or as a team leader
  • Knowledge of networking protocols, such as TCP/IP
  • Experience troubleshooting and repairing personal computers and laser printers to the assembly level
  • Demonstrated ability to troubleshoot and resolve software problems
  • Experience as a computer technician, technical subjects instructor, or technical writer
  • Experience in the moving and trucking industry

Work Hours and Location

Work hours are Monday–Thursday 8 a.m.–11 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m.–6 p.m.

The Tech Depot is located at 1239 Kipke Drive in the Campus Safety Services Building (across the parking lot from Crisler Center).

Hourly Rate

Starting pay is $9.50–10.00 per hour, depending on experience.

To Apply

Interested students should complete the online application.

If you experience any problems with the online application or technical evaluation, please send email to