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March Improvements in WiFi

This month is all about parking...U-M faculty, students and staff will now begin to see improved WiFi coverage in several parking structures around campus. Students at Northwood apartments are seeing improvements in their WiFi, and work also continues on buildings that play an important role in supporting operations for the U-M campus. Check out our current progress.

  • Recently completed: Varsity Drive Building, North Campus Ground Services Facility

February's Progress

The project hit an important milestone last month, as we went over the 12 million square foot mark of building space upgraded. Work continues on buildings that play an important role in supporting operations for the U-M campus. Check out our current progress.

WiFi Update - January 2018

It may be cold outside, but WiFi upgrade work still continues on buildings across the Ann Arbor campus. Many of the buildings currently under construction or design play an important role in supporting operations for the U-M campus. Check out our current progress.

Student's Demand for Technology: Transforming the Michigan Experience

The first day of class is one of the biggest days on the IT calendar. Lots of planning and preparation are done to get ready for thousands to descend on campus - will all of our systems handle the increased volume? Well, this year the first day of school was quieter than days past. Thanks to the generous support of the Provost office to fund the necessary infrastructure and the hard work of Facilities and Operations and ITS Infrastructure teams.  

New Updated Progress Graphs

You may have noticed that there are now two progress graphs on the homepage for the Campus WiFi Upgrade site.  No, the project didn't change, just the way we are reporting progress.  From the beginning of the project, working with the Provost office the project was split into two phases.  The first phase was academic and residence hall buildings.  These buildings were given priority, as they have the biggest impact on faculty and students.  The second phase is administrative buildings.

A Year In Review

This week marks the one year anniversary for the Campus WiFi Upgrade project. So let’s see what has been accomplished in the first year:

Summer is go-time for ITS Communications Systems

Summer is a time to relax, put your feet up, and enjoy the sunshine, right? Not for many members of the Michigan IT community. Summer is one of the busiest times of year for ITS Communications Systems and Data Centers (CSDC) staff, and this summer is shaping up to be busier than most.

Tell Us About Your WiFi Experience

Over the past several years we have heard from students, faculty and staff throughout campus that WiFi was not sufficient to meet the needs of the U-M community.  ITS and university leaders agreed, and have funded three separate projects to upgrade WiFi in buildings on the Ann Arbor campus.  After completing upgrades for the Libraries and Public Facing buildings projects, funding was approved for the Campuswide Upgrade Project,  to upgrade 275 academic, research, administrative and residence hall buildings over the next 3 years.

WiFi improving cell phone calling on the Ann Arbor campus

The following story appeared in the University Record


Have you ever tried to make a cell phone call on campus, just to have it fail? You are not alone. Many buildings on the Ann Arbor campus have poor cellular coverage.

Now the ability to make calls on campus is taking a big step forward.

What are the 5 phases of a WiFi Upgrade

So you have been told that your building is going to undergo a WiFi upgrade, what exactly does that mean. There are five general phases of the upgrade project for each building. some of these phases will be more or less obvious to building occupants. In all of these phases teams will work with building and unit leaders to select a time that is least disruptive. Teams will make very effort to work around business and academic cycles. So what are the 5 phases, and what should you expect:


Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

One of the things we all know is that people handle change much better if they see it coming.  The importance of communication when working on any change that might disrupt your normal routine is well known, but not always addressed.

The Campus WiFi Project requires work to be done in spaces throughout the building, without creating too much disruption for faculty, staff and students. How can we make this easier for everyone involved?  Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.  


WiFi at U-M is Getting Better Everyday

Work on WIFi Upgrades on campus is in high gear with over 2 million square feet of campus buildings receiving upgrades over the past six month. What has been achieved? Check it out:

Upgrades are now complete at Angell Hall Auditoriums, Angell Hall, Tisch Hall, Haven Hall, Mason Hall, Tappan Hall, Chemistry Building, Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Building, Art & Architecture, Chrysler Center and Duderstadt.

Project Approach

Upgrading 275 buildings in 3 years is always a challenge, but when you factor in that this work must be done without significant disruption to teaching, learning, university business and student living spaces the challenge is enormous.  Accomplishing the goals of this project will require strong cooperation and partnerships with all schools, colleges and units on the U-M campus.