WiFi on the Diag

WiFi has become the connection of choice by the majority of students at U-M. Having WiFi available in an outdoor space such as the Diag, which is considered by many to be an extension of indoor learning spaces, has become a priority for students. Beginning in Summer FY18 ITS will begin the WiFi on the Diag project to address this need.

Based on input from students and the support of the President, it has been determined that the areas covered will include the Hatcher Library plaza with the block M, and the areas adjacent to buildings surrounding the central Diag.

Information and Technology Services (ITS) is charged with coordinating this upgrade. This project requires a significant effort, and would not be successful without partnerships with Procurement, Facilities & Operations, External Elements Review Committee (EERC), Campus Planner, Student Resource Center (SORC), Unit IT and leadership in affected campus buildings.