Telephone Upgrade Project FAQ

Do I keep my current campus office phone number?

If you currently have a campus phone number assigned to you, you will keep that number in Zoom Phone.

What vendor is the university using for the upgrade to softphones?

The university has signed contracts with Zoom and Lumen to provide this service.

Will there be a choice between using a softphone only or a physical deskset?

The Unit Ambassadors for each unit will work with their community to determine which option works best for each person (phone number). Units may choose to assign a softphone only or a physical deskset also, as needed.

Does a phone number move with a person who changes departments?

If a faculty or staff member moves to a new department/campus,  they receive a new phone number since the phone numbers are billed to the units and associated with job roles.

What does a department do when a faculty or staff member moves to another department or leaves the university?

The department submits a request in the Service Request System by navigating to Request or Manage Service>Phone & Data Lines>User Change-Softphone. In the comments field, they include:

  • The date the person is leaving and calls should be handled by another person in the department.
  • The date a new person is starting and will take over from another staff person (if new to U-M, the date of transition has to be after they have a uniqname and have logged into Zoom on their desktop). If the date is unknown, include that.

Note: When an individual leaves a department, the number should be assigned to another person in the department for handling until there is a replacement.

Important: If the phone number is not disassociated from a person leaving the department and they receive a new number at their new department, they can end up with two assigned numbers.



Is the upgrade to a softphone application required?

Yes. Over the next two years, ITS is upgrading the Telephone system for all of the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses. Michigan Medicine is not included in the telephone service upgrade.

How are Zoom phones requested?

Unit Ambassadors and SRS submitters submit requests in the Telephone Upgrade Request Form on behalf of their unit (or departments) for phone numbers to be transitioned to Zoom Phone.

How will I know if my phone is scheduled to transition to Zoom Phone?

ITS will transition telephone numbers to Zoom Phone on a weekly basis, based on information that is provided to them by Unit Ambassadors. 

  • An announcement email will go out on Mondays to people associated with the numbers on that week’s list alerting them that their number is scheduled to transition to Zoom Phone that Thursday morning.

  • A “Welcome to U-M Zoom Phone” email will be sent from ITS once the phone number has been transitioned. It will include links to important set-up information and how to get started using the service.

Will I be able to download the app on my laptop or mobile device?

Yes. After you transition to Zoom Phone, Phone will be an option in the Zoom App. The Zoom App needs to have been downloaded to the device, and users have to have logged in at least once. The Zoom App is available for download on almost all mobile devices and operating systems.

Will I receive a stipend for my mobile device if I download the app to my phone and use it for business purposes?

No. While individuals will have the option of downloading the softphone application to their mobile devices for their convenience, it is not a requirement. Softphone applications can be downloaded to U-M provided desktops and laptops.

Will I lose any of my current telephone features with this telephone upgrade?

The intent is to provide more options with this telephone upgrade. Softphone applications become part of your laptop environment and offer several remote communication capabilities, including options for controlling when you do and do not receive calls.

Can I have the softphone application installed on my desktop, laptop, cell phone, or do I need to choose only one location?

The app can be installed on all your devices. It is very flexible.

Will 5-digit dialing on campus work with Zoom phone?

5-digit dialing will work on all campuses. Also, dialing 9 is no longer required to make off campus calls.

Note: To forward calls, you need to dial a 10-digit number. 5-digit dialing does not work.

If a voicemail message is left on a softphone, will I get a notification in my email as I do today?

Yes. You can receive email notifications of voicemail.

Will saved voicemails be transitioned?

U-M Zoom Phone offers a new voicemail service. The voicemail box will be permanently deleted one week after service is transitioned to U-M Zoom Phone. Users should be sure to review, delete and/or download any existing voicemails needed for the future (documentation links below). 

Ann Arbor Campus: Review documentation for Microsoft Exchange voicemail.

Dearborn Campus: Review documentation for Cisco Unity voicemail.

Flint Campus: Review documentation for Cisco Unity voicemail.

For those in the U-M community who choose to use the Zoom phone app on their mobile device, is there a way to prevent business calls from ringing during non-business hours?

There are several options in Zoom to set up business hours and rules around when and how individuals receive phone calls during business hours and closed hours, including the option to not receive calls during non-work hours. 

How will this impact Duo Two-Factor Authentication?

For U-M community members who currently receive Duo Two Factor authentication on their personal device, there will be no impact.

For those who currently receive Duo Two-Factor authentication on a physical U-M deskset, after your transition to Zoom Phone, DUO two-factor authentication calls to your U-M number will not work as intended.

If you use your U-M phone number as a primary method to authenticate, you will need to set up a new primary method for two-factor authentication through DUO, before your U-M phone number transition to U-M Zoom Phone takes place. The DUO mobile application on a smartphone is recommended because it has multiple authentication options, including a push notification and offline passcodes. See Options for Two-Factor Authentication for the full list of choices other than your U-M telephone number.

If you currently use your U-M phone number as a secondary method to authenticate, we recommend that you choose another method to authenticate as soon as possible to get comfortable with the new method. You can refer to this Decision Aid: Choosing a Duo Option to help decide on a new backup device.

Will service phones we have throughout buildings also be upgraded?

Yes, these phones are included in the upgrade project and will be addressed in a later phase of the project. 

What do we do with the old phones (desksets)?

When a phone number moves to Zoom Phone, the existing desk set will no longer work and should be removed to eliminate confusion. Most phones will not have resale value and will be treated as e-waste. We have worked with Property Disposition to determine the best policy for disposal, and with the U-M Environment, Health & Safety Department (EHS) on an approach to responsible recycling.

The process for users to follow regarding disposal depends on the campus:

Ann Arbor Campus: Disconnect your old desk phone and deliver it to your building or unit’s facility staff. Contact your local IT support or facilities staff if you have questions.

Dearborn Campus: Open a ticket with the Dearborn ITS Service Desk with a request to disconnect and remove your old desk phone.

Flint Campus: Please put a note on it saying “Out of Order.” A technician will replace your old desk set with your new one within ten days of the transition. After that, please recycle your old desk set by delivering it to one of the telephone collection boxes in the loading dock areas of Murchie Science Building or William S. White Building. Alternatively, your phone can be collected by Flint ITS as part of the headset distribution process.

Complete Information for Facility Managers is available in this document: Phone Recycling - Information for Units

For those who still want a deskset, can we repurpose the one we currently have?

No. The existing Cisco IP desksets do not have the software required to work with Zoom Phone.

Can you have both a deskset AND softphone service through the Zoom app on on laptop or mobile device?


Can I keep my current phone?

No. Eventually, the existing phone system will be decommissioned.

Can current Cisco Jabber softphone numbers be submitted now? How long will the Cisco Jabber softphone be supported?

Yes. Please fill out the information in the Telephone Upgrade Request Form so that we know who needs to transition to each phone number. See the Telephone Use Case Scenarios document for more information. Cisco Jabber users will be supported until their transition.

Due to budget cuts, we no longer have phone lines for our faculty. Will you take their phones for disposal even if we aren't getting them a Zoom phone?

Yes, we will take any outdated phones for recycling. Disposal instructions vary by campus. Please consult your department's IT staff to confirm the process for recycling other outdated phones.


Will "meet me lines" remain? How will they work?

We will not have the "meet me lines" as you know it today. We have been encouraging users to move to Zoom conferencing instead.

How do you order Zoom Phone for a new user?

Please submit a request through the Service Request System.

Note: The request can be processed after a uniqname is created for the individual.

If we have an issue when updating the request form, for example we received the wrong information to enter, who do we email or call? How would we fix it?

If you experience any issues or if you make a mistake when submitting the request form, please reach out to us by email at [email protected]

What do we do when there is a phone number listed without information about who the number is assigned to?

Contact 734-763-2000 for assistance in researching the telephone number or do your own research.

How do I learn about Zoom Phone?

Visit Zoom Phone at U-M service site to learn more about using Zoom phone.

How do I contact this project team to get more information?

Contact the Telephone Service Upgrade project team at [email protected].

What are the Zoom Phone rates?