User Impacts and Data Migration

This project completed in July, 2019. This is an archive for informational purposes.
Attention Michigan Medicine users: The Microsoft 365 service for Michigan Medicine will be managed separately to meet the organization’s regulatory, contractual, and security requirements. News and updates can be found on the HITS project page. The ITS-managed Microsoft 365 service for academic campuses is not permitted for Michigan Medicine business, education, patient care, or research use. Data or accounts created in Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive in the ITS-managed service cannot be migrated to the Michigan Medicine environment.

As part of the implementation of Microsoft 365 to academic campuses, the ITS project team has been assessing the usage of existing Microsoft tools and applications, and testing migration processes. However, due to limitations of Microsoft administrative and reporting functions, ITS discovered that it is unable to identify users or access the stored data for many existing campus Microsoft products. Because of this, ITS is restricted in its ability to contact impacted users directly or migrate their content. To date, ITS has identified and documented migration paths (if available), user impacts, and actions needed for the following:

  Enabled now? Will be enabled? Will ITS migrate data? User action needed before June 28? ITS level of support
Microsoft Login No Yes n/a No Limited
OneDrive (includes files for Office 365) Yes Yes Yes No Limited
Publisher No Yes n/a No Limited
SharePoint Online Partially Yes Yes No None
Teams Partially Yes Partially No Limited
Sway Yes No No Yes None
Forms Yes Yes No Yes None
Stream Yes No No Yes None
Flow Yes Yes No Yes None
Power Apps Yes Yes No Yes None
Yammer Yes No No Yes None
Delve Yes Yes No No None
Power BI Free Yes Yes No Yes None
Planner Yes Yes No Uncertain None
Minecraft Education Edition No Yes n/a No None